Cinema Starlight Cinema is:

  • Five hundred and forty seats, five halls, two of which are of increased comfort, equipped with comfortable recliners and sofas
  • “Silver screens”, which are called so because of silver spraying on them, provide high definition and contrast video
  • Sony 4K projector, thanks to which you get the opportunity to experience the incredible effect of presence and completely immerse yourself in the 4K world rich in details and colors
  • Sound technology Dolby Atmos. The system of digital multi-channel sound, providing the most realistic sound for all the events of the film. Dolby Atmos is the latest development that allows viewers not only to watch events on the screen, but to feel themselves involved in the action. The system is installed in the Atmos cinema
  • On the territory of the cinema there are Star Bar and Kinobar with a self-service area where you can spend time before and after the movie show
  • Convenient movie schedule. The number of halls allows you to simultaneously demonstrate several movie premieres. You will certainly get to the next session in the selected movie poster
  • Cozy waiting areas. You will comfortably spend time before the session in our recreation areas, with beautiful views of the city

Operating Hours:

10:00am - 11:00pm mon, tue, wed, thu, sun

10:00am - 01:30pm fr, sat